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Underground Tornado Shelters

Underground Fiberglass Storm Shelters and Tornado Shelters

with optional silo unit.

The Fiberglass Tornado Shelter can be installed Underground with any portion below grade.

The entire Tornado Shelter can be set up on existing grade and then, dirt mounded over the unit as pictured below. Or you can bury the entire unit as an Underground Tornado Shelter as pictured above.

Unlike some other Tornado Shelter designs on the market, the "Underground Fiberglass Tornado Shelter" shape has the most useable floor space within the confines of its walls. When looking at other designs, we feel that our Fiberglass Tornado Shelter design is the most user friendly, the most versatile, and by far the most friendly looking. It has a cute, inviting appearance, which makes you want to go inside, even if it's just for fun...

At grade installation with earth covering
buried tornado shelter

Your igloo will provide you with the addded security of knowing you have a safe place for you and your family if the need ever should arrise!


Above grade installation anchored for high wind application. Just bolt the igloo tabs to anchor bolts installed in the concrete.

The cost of our shelters are much less than that of a conventional lodge or cabin. We are taking an age old design, and bring it into the Twenty First Century, using modern day materials to reduce extreme heat and cold. The interior foam insulation is sprayed on. If hit, the foam will give or dent. If the material becomes damaged, just use a small can of spray foam and repair the damaged section, let cure and trim. The foam interior also provides excellent sound proofing qualities.

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