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Modular Storm Shelters

multiple storm shelters
Modular Fiberglass Storm Shelters, Underground Tornado Shelters, and Safe Rooms Provide Safety For Your Family During Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, and High Winds. These exterior fiberglass shelters feature easy installation on flat or sloped terrain.

Multiple fiberglass igloos

Two ten foot diameter igloos bolted together!

With the ability to connect multiple units together you can create your very own, unique Storm Shelter design.

Connect three Storm Shelters together to become a three room Tornado Shelter. Have two bedrooms and one meeting or gathering room. Adding additional Shelter Modules to your existing shelter is easy to achieve.





Three igloos connected together

Three units bolted together!
three igloos

Undergroung Storm Shelter Double igloo ( inside )

By adding straight side walls you can create a larger, Underground Storm Shelter. The ten foot diameter unit pictured on the left has around 155 square feet of floor space.

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