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These Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms have been used in residential, commercial, government and military applications.

If you are about to build a home, you might want to consider a "safe room" or a shelter that is installed beneath part of the home. Some families might want to have a shelter that does "double-duty" as a storage area for other things, like a cold cellar.

These fiberglass shelters feature easy installation on flat or sloped terrain, underground or above ground. With its modular construction your fiberglass Safe Room can be set up on virtually any level surface. They can be set up for temporary use, or permanently set up and connected to electric, water, sewer and phone. You can have all of the convinces of home, in your permanently installed igloo shelter ( check local zoning and building codes ).

The igloo can also be placed on flat ground and have dirt mounded over the unit.

Underground Safe Room And Fiberglass Bio-Chemical Shelter

As much as I hate to say it, the threat of chemical or biological attacks have been everywhere recently.

We now have terrorist alerts on a regular basis. Recently a man was out jogging, at lunch, he was walking down a certain stretch of train tracks. The train was coming, so he stood off to the side of the tracks (as he had done since he was a child). But to his surprise, the engineer did not wave as in times past. No... the train came to a stop, and one of the personnel came over to him and asked for some identification. He was Stunned and Shocked, for he did not have any on him, for he was out jogging. The conductor proceeded to ask him if he was a terrorist? The conductor informed him that we were in a terror warning level three of four and I could not be on or near the tracks. WOW! Times have changed. Which leads me to my next subject. The Fiberglass Igloo could be made fairly air tight and used as a bio-chemical shelter. Instead of using duct tape on your drywall, wood trim and doors, you can have an igloo shelter set up in your backyard or even your basement. The modular bolt together joints can be sealed during installation with silicone. The door can be made air tight with the use of seals, and with the use of chemical filters you could create your very own shelter to protect your family from the bio-chemical threat or attack. Dragging the family into a room and taping yourself in, would induce panic and alarm. Just going to the backyard or basement and closing the door, would be less stressful for everyone involved. Just be sure to have your basic supplies, food, water or even a chemical toilet?

CAUTION: DO NOT make the unit so air tight that you could die - We all need oxygen to live. You must use chemical and or biological approved air purifiers mounted into your fiberglass walls for proper air supply and circulation.

Your children can use the igloo shelter as a play area all year. Their familiarity with the product would greatly reduce their fear of entering the Igloo in an adverse situation. We can only hope that we never really have to face this situation. But at least you would be prepared. As the saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".


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