Fiberglass Storm Shelters Can Save Lives

Fiberglass Storm Shelters Tornado Shelters Underground Safe Room Underground Storm Shelter

Fiberglass Storm Shelters Underground Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms


Storm Shelters can help reduce the risk of injury and death caused by Tornadoes, Hurricanes and High Winds

Modular Rectangle / Square Design

While the safest place to be in a tornado is in a basement, many homes don't have them. The next-best place is inside a Fiberglass Storm Shelter, Underground Tornado Shelter, or Safe Room. We strongly encourage everyone to make pre-arrangements regarding Severe Weather. Most Government Agencies agree that if you do not have a Storm Shelter, you should strongly consider purchasing one.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends
six square feet of area per person and a means of ventilating the space is required.

Fiberglass Storm Shelter
The fourteen foot diameter Fiberglass Igloo Shelter pictured here will provide you with 150 square feet of floor space!

Fiberglass Storm Shelters

Tornado Shelters
Underground Storm Shelter
Storm Cellar
Safe Room
Structurally Strong.
Provide Safety for your family
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Camping Shelters / Igloos
Camouflage Hunting Blinds
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Modular fiberglass Igloo Assembly

Tornado Shelter

Fiberglass Storm Shelters, Underground Tornado Shelters, and Safe Rooms Provide Safety For Your Family During Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, and High Winds.

These Fiberglass Storm Shelters feature easy installation on flat or sloped terrain, underground or above ground.

The Fiberglass Storm Shelter is structurally strong and self supporting. For this reason you do not need support poles inside your Storm Shelter. This makes for more useable area for sleeping and storage. But unlike other Storm Shelters, you can use your Fiberglass Storm Shelter just about anywhere. Have you ever seen a Storm Shelter on a sandy beach? Well, now you could. Your Storm Shelter could be set up and used anywhere.

It can even be buried to create an Emergency Underground Tornado Shelter.

Igloo Storm ShelterFiberglass Igloo Storm Shelter
Note: Fiberglass can be drilled, threaded, bonded to or have cut outs to mount external equipment,
such as an air conditioner.

Fiberglass Igloo Igloo

Storm Shelter Assembly

Storm Shelter Assembly

Pictured here is a piece of the 14' diameter igloo going together. The 14' diameter unit is about 9'6" high. There are eight wall sections which bolt together.

There is also a 10' diameter igloo available. The 10' diameter igloo is around 7'6" high.

The modular construction of the Fiberglass Storm Shelter, gives you the ability to connect several Storm Shelters together creating multiple rooms.

You might even add straight wall sections to achieve an oblong shaped Storm Shelter. With all of the design flexibility, you may create an unlimited number of different housing configurations, even buried underground.
Create the ultimate hunting, fishing, or camping retreat. Imagine having a camp site all ready set up and waiting your arrival. No tents to mess with.

The Fiberglass Storm Shelters are self supporting, which means that there are no poles, or columns in the center. They are easy to heat in the winter, and the white color helps reflect heat in the summer. They are "Modular in Construction" which makes it possible to ship and transport. They could

also be made "Air Tight" for use as a chemical bunker. The rugged Fiberglass Storm Shelters will provide you with years of trouble free, reliable comfort.


inside igloo


  • The structural strength of an igloo is in it's shape.
  • The Igloo will withstand extremely high winds without damage, due to its "Aero Dynamic" design.
  • It will support many feet of snow covering.
  • One inch of foam insulation will provide an "R" factor of 7.................more

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